Saturday, September 3, 2011

Colors,Shapes and a few Animals

Okay so you maybe watching a little child and you have no idea what to do with them and how to entertain them, here is an easy way to create a matching game that is not only fun and educational but also engaging. If you have ever been to a school, you may have noticed the large boards with information teachers put up for parents or a display of students work. I have come up an easy way to create a matching game using the boarders for those teacher bulletin boards at school. There are a variety of them at the dollar store and they are only for a dollar, I have found several interesting ones that deal with colors and shapes but there are also ones with numbers up to 10.
After purchasing bulletin board boarders, cut them so you are able to separate each shape, number, or color but make sure you cut enough so that you have two of each shape, number or color. After separating them you can laminate them so they are protected. Then explain to the child how to play, flip them over so that you can't see the shape, number or color and play with them, start by flipping one card, name the card and then choose another if it matches you are able to keep them. If however they don't match flip them back to blank side and have the child take their turn. Remind them to name the card, this way it becomes easier to teach them the colors, numbers or shapes. I like to place each of the memory games in the little colored envelopes and label them, it's easy to store them and pull them out. I hope this helps.

This is just an individual self seal laminating sheets that you can use to laminate the cards.

These are just a few of the different types of "wall border" I found at the Dollar store.

I chose colors as one set of the memory games but you can do anything from numbers, shapes, colors and animals.

I use these envelopes a lot, so if you see me mentioning colored envelopes these are the ones I am referring to.

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