Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun Math Jumbo Dice game

These are number magnets I found at the dollar store.

These are the jumbo dice I love to use with young children.

What better way to encourage counting, then by using marbles.
Here is a great idea that will help kids with math. I found these jumbo dice at the dollar store as well as some number fridge magnets. Of course kids need to always practice their numbers it's very important for their development, so here is a fun way to encourage them with these materials and have fun at the same time. First I introduce the game in a simple manner, roll the dice on the floor, count the dots, find the right magnet and collect the correct number of marbles.

For younger kids you can start out simple like the example above, and as they get older you can use two dice to make a larger number while repeating the game. You can also then use plastic containers and have a race with them. Once the kids are old enough for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you can have them solve a problem using addition, subtraction ect.

This is an easy and fun game that can be used for younger and older children.

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