Monday, September 26, 2011

I-Spy With My Little Eye....

There are a number of was you can create games or activities for free. We have all played the I-Spy game at least once in our lives,for those who haven't I am sorry. Last year I was watching two young boys ages 4 and 2. All young children need structure especially when it came to safety about crossing the street. It was hard at first I must admit but I eventually taught them how to cross the street, and we just walked on the sidewalk around their circle of houses until I was comfortable going on walks with them.

It's scary when you have a run away, they are the children that don't want to hold your hand. But Eventually we were able to go for a walk around the entire neighborhood. So one day I took the boys to the park and I started naming things I saw, for example I saw a stop sign and would say this is a stop sign, it has eight sides and it's called an octogon. Can you tell me what color is the stop sign? The children would answer my questions and we would move on to the next thing I saw. We talked about mail boxes, stop signs, basketball nets, houses that had fences and houses that didn't, we counted cars as we past them on our way around the neighborhood. Finally we began walking to the park and this time we played I-Spy and this is how you play; I spy with my little eye ( you can say the shape of an object or the color) example I spy with my little eye some thing red, can you guess what it is? I would let the boys guess and having them play along made it a fun walk to the park. While playing this game I had my camera with me and took pictures which later I printed out on regular paper and made it in to a book of what we saw that day on our way to the park. It was that easy, there is always away to come up with your own activities that are fun and educational.

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