Sunday, September 11, 2011


Here is a great way to have fun with young kids and get them to practice their shapes and patterns. All you need is the foam Beads which I found at Walmart in a large pack about 5 dollars but you can always go to the dollar store as well and get a smaller pack instead.


This doesn't have to be something only little kids can do you, can always involve the older kids. Something I love to do, is to have them make gifts for someone special. This is a great way to allow them a chance to work on something they can be proud of but also something they can practice with. For the much younger kids I would usually go over the shapes and as they get older show them how to make patterns and example is A B C, AABAAB, BABABBABABA. The letters represent different shapes start with three different shapes and repeat it. Then use only two shapes following the next patterns. Allow the kids to be creative if they want and allow some creativity. Show them you are involved by making one for them too. This activity is for boys or girls it shouldn't matter.

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