Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lets play store

The money concept is really not that hard to teach young children, really all you need is fake money and a pretend store. I used to always play store with little kids, because its educational and its fun. I got large fake money and smaller size play money to use and play around with. When I was in school my teacher would reward each student a fake dollar for every good score that we got on a test. On Fridays we would go to our "classroom store" and buy little items like erasers or pencils or any little silly things that you can get in a pack for a really low cost, on rare occasions will did she ever have larger items. The point of the "classroom store" is to be able to realize the value of a dollar and how to save your "money" to purchase a larger item.
So with idea in mind I thought it would be amazing to do the same thing with young children. I started by introducing the different amounts the one dollar, five dollar and so on. Then we made a store using their own toys and we placed dollar amounts on each toy. I basically showed them how many toys they can get for one dollar, and which toy was worth five dollars and so on. Now you may think that this is too early to teach them this concept but exposing them to this is better then nothing. From my experiences and what I have learned is that some schools have book sales or Christmas gift sales all of these things helps children young or old the value of money.
These are the Fake money I used to play store with the kids, I picked them up at the dollar store.

I started out with the larger money as a practice and then moved on to smaller money which I gave them only if they were able to earn it, either through behavior or through workbook pages that they completed. I allowed them to earn the dollars first and then eventually trade them in for larger money, for example if they had 7 one dollar bills I exchanged it for one 5 dollar bill and two 1 dollar bills. This also teaches them early addition. After reaching a certain amount like 10 dollars I would take them to the store and they can pick out anything they wanted for 10 dollars but you can choose any limit. I love going to the dollar store especially when the kids are really young because they can pick out two or three toys and you don't spend a lot. No matter where you go they will be happy that they were able to buy a toy. Keep in mind you don't have to go out and buy pretend money, you can make hand made coupons (use note cards) with your dollar amount and use that instead. I think that this is a great way to get children young or old to learn and eventually appreciate the value of a dollar.

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