Friday, September 2, 2011


I have learned through babysitting and being a nanny that the best way to encourage writing with young children is by creating a scrapbook. This scrapbook can include anything as long as the kids have a chance to write about it. If they want to draw a picture I give them a subject to draw and talk about, for example their favorite TV shows or movies. I feel that as long as they write which tv shows are their favorite and why they like it, they are more inclined to write therefore encouraging writing.
Although you have to make it interesting as they get older, for example kids can write about their vacation or even write a short story they made up and then attach a picture. I like to have different paper to make it fun and of course crayons, markers and different pens as well as stickers to allow natural creativity to flow so they don't look at the scrapbook as something boring but something that is exciting and fun. A Scrapbook will not only be a great way to encourage writing but also a great way to preserve memories of when your little ones started writing for the first time. 

This is a scrapbook I picked up from Walmart a long time ago for five dollars, it's big but you really don't have to get a scrapbook this big, you can use any size and make them in anyway you want.

Because I was a nanny for a two children I used letter stickers to separate the pages that each child would make, I liked to have them spell out their name and then I would put the date of when they wrote and drew the picture. 

 Below are some of the materials I use when I have the children work on their scrapbook. I had them pick out a folder and then a few decorative paper from the dollar store and some scrapbook stickers also available at the dollar store.

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