Sunday, September 25, 2011


One of the many things that young children need to practice is sorting. Sorting can come in so many different forms; Big or Small, Same or Different, Large or Medium or Small, Colors and Shapes are also apart of sorting. I have a few things you can use to practice sorting with young children.

Here are some Linking Shapes that you can have young children sort in to different shapes or colors.
 I basically used a muffin tray to use as a sorting tray, but you can also use an egg carton.
For this sorting activity I used marbles for the kids to sort in to different colors.

There are different types of sorting activities that you could purchase at the stores or any teacher stores in your area. You can even find some activities through Remember you can do anything with sorting, you can use small toys either transportation type of toys like planes, cars, buses, boats, trains and sort them too. A simple activity that doesn't involve any spending is separating fruits and vegetables.

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