Monday, September 19, 2011

Telling Time

Last year I was working with two young boys ages 2 and 4, it was fun and entertaining for me because I love working with kids. Their mom had put the boys in to a program that helps them with math, reading and writing its called Kumon, it's a great program but it's kind of dull and revolves around a lot repetition which for young children will seem dull and not enjoyable. This was the time I began to create different games and activities that revolved around what they were learning in Kumon. I started with addition and then moved on to subtraction and now the older child was learning how to tell time. The concept was a bit difficult at first but I came up with away to count by fives, I came up with a song it goes like this

5, 10, 15, 20
25, 30, 35, 40, 45
50, 55, 60
60 minutes in one hour
and 60 seconds in one minute

This song didn't follow any familiar tune I just made it up and danced around while singing it and the children followed me singing along. They found it weird at first and funny but I continued to sing, and dance around the house. Eventually they picked it up they learned how to count by fives and if they forgot I would sing the first part of the song and they would immediately remember the song.
We discussed the different types of clocks, like an Analog and a digital clock, we compared the two.
I included the counting when we would play hide-n-go-seek they were required to sing by fives, and that too helped them remember the song.We talked about what time their favorite show(s) came on and how long they lasted, as well when they had to go to bed. We created a schedual, of which we kept time on an Analog clock and calculated the minutes it would take before a show was over or when it was time to have dinner.
I found these at the dollar store I believe they came in a set of four.

Above is a picture of a clock spinner that I found at the dollar store. Since children need to learn the difference between the short and long hand, I thought this was a good item to have around for them to practice telling time. If the minute concept is not clear I would use one of the clocks and indicate the minutes by counting by fives in between each number. I would then also have young children create their own clocks, if they are still having difficulty or just do it any ways for practice.

I found this clock for one dollar at Target in their dollar section, its great for practice and test a child's knowledge while also practicing with their own small clock.

This is a great math activity to do with young children to teach them how to tell time.

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