Thursday, September 15, 2011

Window Stickers

I found these window stickers at the dollar store, they come in a large sheet and I just cut them up. It doesn't take a lot to start practicing with young children. I have the younger kids place these stickers all over the window, they are removable for easy storage and are reusable.

ABC's are easy to practice with young children
I found pointer sticks that kids love to just hold and point. What I like to do when I first introduce the ABC's is sing the ABC song which we all know and then I have the kids sing along with me as they put up the stickers on the window. As the weeks pass by I practice with them by simply saying why don't you point at the letters and I will sing the ABC song. This way you will know where they are at with their letter recognition, plus they like to point at the letters so it's also fun for them as well.
After practicing for some time the ABC's we start to link each letter to a word for example A is for apple and so on. (You can find simple pointers at the dollar store)

Now there are plenty of other window stickers that are found at the dollar store so here are a few that I have used in the past with children I used to nanny. Things like the weather, colors, numbers up to 10, and animals.

I try to keep these stickers up a reference for the children to go back and take a look at them when ever we are doing an activity that involves numbers, colors, animals or their ABC's. This is a good way to keep practicing through out the entire day.

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