Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer fun Gardening

Sometimes it may be difficult to get young children to eat their veggies and just be healthy. So one way you can keep them entertained and make sure they eat their veggies is by growing a variety of vegetables I believe that if kids play apart in growing veggies they will most likely eat them and be proud of their hard work in growing them. Encourage them to eat their veggies by making sure you cook with your kids, get them in the kitchen and teach them a thing or two of what they can make with their veggies. Age doesn't matter because they will be excited to eat what they make, so your child can be a couple years old, or older the point is to cook with them and have them eat their veggies. You will have peace of mind that they will finally be eating healthy and this will keep them occupied all summer helping you plant, measure and grow veggies, there are some important educational lessons to do with your children at the same time. Here I planted some cherry tomatoes and some herbs hopefully they grow well.

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