Thursday, February 14, 2013

Color and Shape Books

In a previous post under colors, shapes and numbers, I talked about using the bulletin board borders as cards to introduce colors, shapes or numbers to young children. Now I have come up with a way to continue the lessons by recognition.
After working with young children using the memory matching game, you can continue by creating a book called “Shapes around me”. All you need to do is collect several pictures of shapes around your house inside or outside and play eye spy with your child so they can help you find the shapes. You then can discuss with your child why they are that shape and take pictures of that shape. Later print out the pictures on regular paper or photo paper which ever you prefer and create a book labeling each shape. Here is a tip for youngsters learning to write, have them trace out the word of each shape remember to keep it simple. If your child needs to know how to create his shapes then you can write out the word, have your child trace the word and draw the shape with a picture next to their drawing. This is a great keepsake when they get older to just be able to look back at that time of their lives when they were just learning about shapes and colors.

You can repeat the same idea using colors. With colors you can make a book that again you can write the name of each color and instead of drawing the color your child can paint it on the page. Another idea is finding things around the house that have that specific color or you can use stickers. Stickers come in all different shapes, sizes and COLORS.
I found great Crayola stickers of each color in the dollar section at Michael’s art store.

For the "My Favorite Shape" book you can have a child pick out whichever is or are his/her favorite shape(s) and have them draw items that match that shape. So for example if his favorite shape is a square he can draw all the things that are shaped like a square or take pictures of all the square shapes he could find.

Tip: If you do a color each day it will make it easier on you and easier on your little one. Sometimes it may be overwhelming to do everything in one day and a young child has a very short attention span. You can take the pictures on a walk to the park and save them for later until you need to use them.
Be creative and don't forget that you don't need to just look in your home for shapes you can go outside your home too.


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