Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Short Stories

Short stories are a great way to encourage students to be creative. Sometimes all you need is a little motivation to start writing. A good way to encourage young students is to write a short story. You can encourage them in several ways, the first would be to start a story and have they continued, repeating the process until the short story is complete. Another way is to show your student a few objects like a stuffed animals or puppets or even random pictures of objects, or a scene and then have them come up with a story using these objects. You can even encourage writing by playing music and allowing your student to close their eyes and create a story using their sense of hearing. You can even place items in a bag and have them touch the object without looking at it and describe it as best as they can. It really doesn't matter how old your student maybe, young or old creativity is always a great encouragement to be able to think outside the box.


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