Friday, September 13, 2013

Writing Journal

Inspire your kids to write, especially the ones that are beginning to write or need to practice their hand writing. Get an ordinary notebook and have your kids put what ever they want on the cover that will attract them to their notebook. You would be surprised how this will help and maybe even inspire them to keep writing. I use this on my own journal to help me stay inspired and believe me it really works, most of the time I can't wait to open my journal and just write in it. Here is a picture below to show you what I mean but please keep in mind this journal is to inspire me to come up with new ideas for my blogs, so it's not my personal journal.

Your kids can use their journal to write a story, or write about their day or just some random thoughts or you could even use this special notebook to write letters to perhaps family in another state or country. There is nothing like receiving a letter in the mail from a "penpal". This journal will be fun and exciting because it's their own creation and it will encourage writing.

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