Thursday, October 10, 2013

Haunted House Board Game

Since Halloween is coming up soon, I had a great idea to make a board game just for this time of the year.
Things you will need to make this board game is
1. File folder
2. Black paint
3. Construction Paper
4. Small square posted notes
5. Glue
6. Buttons
7. Halloween pictures for game pieces
8. Glue Gun
9. Halloween pictures and characters
10. Note cards cut in half
11. Die
12. Envelope
13. Black Marker
14. Masking tape (for moving) or a laminator
15. Scissor
16. Alphabet stickers and Halloween Stickers
17. Dry Erase markers
What I wanted to do was create a game that could be played with during the October month just before Halloween. There is no limits to this game because it is your creation, so be creative. Since I knew I wanted it to be during for Halloween I decided to paint the file folder black, for one it had pictures on the front and I just wanted to make it dark and scary but kid friendly on the front.

Step 1. Paint the file folder black, I wanted a night time scene so I did black and blue, but you can just do black. (It turned out black anyways)
Step 2. After the front of the file folder is covered with paint, leave to dry. While you do that find pictures that remind you of Halloween. I went to the dollar store and found window stickers for Halloween, I tried putting them on the window but I didn't like them facing inside the house instead of the outside. So I photo Copied them and then cut each one out and glued them on to the front and back cover of the file folder.

Step 3. Once you glue the pictures you want on the front and back of the board game, you need to find pictures that are small enough to be game pieces
Step 4. Print out your game pieces, cut them out and then laminate them and cut them again but leave room only on the bottom portion of the pieces because this is how you will be able to make standing game pieces.
Step 5. After laminating the game pieces and cutting them out, you will need some buttons I would say medium size and a glue gun
Step 6. Remember how I said leave room at the bottom of the game pieces after laminating them, you will need to make a slit and fold each side the opposite of each other so one is folded right and the other is folded left.
Step 7. Prepare your glue gun and on the flat portion of the button your will glue the bottom where you made the folds of the game pieces to the button. Leave to dry (please note I got this idea from some one else)
Step 8. Proceed to the inside of your game, I used three colors of posted notes (small square ones) to make the pattern on the inside. Once I did that I just glued them in place. All I had were pink, green and yellow so that is what I used. If you have Halloween colors then by all means use those.
Step 9. Once all the squares were in place, glued down and finally dry, I wrote out directions such as where to start, when to pick a card, going forward how many steps, and so forth. I also numbered each square too.
Step 10. I wanted to make this game available for any grade so where ever it said pick a card, this is where I took the opportunity to make cards for each grade. I did Prek-k but you can do it with different subjects or do different grades of things they need to continually practice. What I did was find some questions and I wanted to make this interactive for the kids so after I made the cards, I would make a total of 20 cards, so 10 note cards cut in half and laminate them to make them last longer. Change them out every time you play the game and really that is all you would need to do. If you have several questions made up in advance it is much easier to just write out the cards and laminate them. If your kids need to study for a test, use this game along with some questions they may find on the test.
Additions: If students are studying for a test you can add a timer and give them their own piece of paper to answer the questions and then based on their answers if it's right they can move ahead so many spaces or if it's wrong they move backwards so many space. Or they can race to get as many points as they can before the game is over.
If you don't want to make your own game pieces use small erasers or any small object that can be easily moved around the board.

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