Wednesday, December 11, 2013

25 Days of Chirstmas Or 12 Days of Christmas

Okay so first I want to say I am sorry for posting this activity late, actually I should have posted it a week before this month actually started but you know with Thanksgiving and family time I just didn't get to it in time. Anyways this activity will be fun to do with your kids just before Christmas. I have it made for 25 days of Christmas but seeing that we have already started December maybe you could do it with 12 days of Christmas. Originally it would have been a calendar for the month of December leading up to Christmas but you can change it to a count down of 12 days instead, which will make it easier and give you extra time to make this activity.

Materials needed
-12 and a 1/2 toilet paper rolls
(you will be cutting the toilet paper rolls
in half that is why there is one extra to make 25 total)
-Poster board (white)
-Green paint
-Paint brush or Foam brush
-Brown marker or brown paint (it's up to you)
-Construction paper in different colors
-Green Tissue paper (optional)
-Note cards
-Pencil and pen

Step 1. Gather materials
Step 2. Draw a Christmas tree on your white poster board
Step 3. Paint it green and the trunk brown (I used Marker for mine)
Step 4. Optional you can make gift boxes stick them on the bottom as I did
Step 5. Create an activity list of 25 or 12 things you would like to do with your kids every day until Christmas day
Check out my pinterest for christmas ideas board up above. I also have a page on my blog that has pictures of different items you can purchase and then decorate with your kids. Coming up with activities is really not that hard this time of year. It can be anything from going sledding all the way to baking cookies or watching movies.
Quick list
Help decorate Christmas tree
Make a Christmas ornament date it and put your name on it too
Make a ginger bread house
Make a picture frame as a gift
Make or draw on a mug and fill it with candy for another gift
Make sugar cookies or ginger bread cookies
Go sledding
See Christmas lights
Watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in town
Watch your favorite Christmas movie
Listen to your favorite Christmas CD and sing along
Decorate your own stocking

The list can go on and on so just be creative and enjoy your time with your kids and have fun.
Step 6. Cut all the toilet paper rolls in half
Step 7. Cover them with construction paper ( I used three colors but it's up to you)
Step 8. Cut out circles to cover one end of the rolls
Step 9. Number the circles and begin thinking about the placement of the rolls
You can do them in order, you can mix the numbers up and have younger kids find the correct number for the correct day.
It's up to you how you want to do that. Putting the numbers in different order will help with number recognition and putting them in order will help young children learn what comes next.
Step 10. On your activity list you can have anything from making a gift each day for different people in your family, making ornaments to put on the tree, decorating the house, watching a movie, doing something fun with the family, baking cookies, making a picture frame, est. For more ideas check out pinterest above this page and look at either my page or search Christmas ideas. I also have pictures of things you can buy at the stores for very low cost to make with your kids.
Step 11. Once you have the list in order to the days you want to do the activities write them down on each note card and place them in to the toilet paper rolls.
Step 12. Cover each roll with the circles you cut out previously and number them and then glue them on to the tree based on the order you would like to put them in.
Step 13. Have the list handy so you can purchase the materials for each activity
Step 14. Each day have your child punch open the roll and pull out the note card and have your oldest child read the card to you or your younger child and proceed with the activity for that day.
This will be very fun and will keep your kids occupied for hours, put in two activities if you want to do them on the same day, it is up to you and don't forget to have fun with your kids as well.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Note: The toilet paper rolls are meant to look like ornaments on the Christmas tree, that is why we have different colors, and the tissue paper is meant for filling in the empty spaces but I opted out of using the tissue paper because the rolls filled the entire tree. Another idea you can have your kids add Christmas themed stickers all around the tree or on the tree. If you are even feeling more creative fill in the extra space with Christmas lights, just poke holes and string them in the holes and hang up your calendar so then you can light it up as well. Just make sure the bulbs are not touching the board when lite it could be a fire issue.

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