Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Can't believe that Valentin's Day is around the corner. The stores already have out all of the Valentine's Day stuff and some of the March stuff too. YIKES! We just started the new year... I chose to post this early in case anyone is thinking of ideas for what to make on Valentine's Day with their kids or if you are someone who works with kids and just want's to get a head start on some ideas for that day.

I would like to believe that Valentine's Day is not just about hearts, flowers, candy and giving gifts like we see advertised on tv and in the stores. The story behind Valentines day, Yes has very much to do with romance, but how do you take a holiday such as Valentines Day and turn it in to something for kids that avoids a popularity contest as to which kid is liked more by their peers. We have to be able to teach kids that love has to do with more than just romance, because they probably don't fully understand it themselves. Love is a word that has different meanings for example I love strawberries, I love my family, I love my husband, I love my friends, I love my life... You get the idea, when we talk about love to young children we should teach them that love includes kindness and the willingness to help someone or do something special for someone else, basically to be selfless on that day, but hopefully it's everyday and remembering that in our class we are all friends.
When I was in school, we would hand out Valentines Day cards and candy, and make something for our parents. I remember one time I made coupons for my mom for the entire year, each one said something different, like for one week I will do the dishes, or I will help clean for a week or day. I think it's great fun when kids get to make something to give to a family member,teacher or friends. Although, I honestly never understood the holiday as a child, I mean why do we even celebrate Valentine's Day? As a child I just liked to make stuff on that day, until I learned about the meaning behind this holiday. So below is a quick video on the history of Valentine's Day. This is a day to show someone important in our lives that we care and we are thinking of them. I have also included some great gift ideas below so don't forget to check those out too after watching the videos.

Check out the reaction of these kids on Valentine's Day, it's really cute.

Now don't get me wrong I would love to get something handmade from a child, it's the best feeling in the world to know this child is thinking of you. So here are some ideas for Valentine's Day gifts you can make with young children:

1. Coupon Book
2. Picture Frame include your favorite picture with you and the person you plan on gifting it to
3. Cookies because everyone loves cookies
4. An I LOVE YOU Because book, this doesn't have to be long just a sentence and your child can draw a picture
5. Make a mug for grandparents get a white mug and have the kids draw a picture or write out I Love You or Happy Valentines Day using permanent marker (check online for details on making it wash away proof)
6. Make a favorite meal for someone in your family
7. Cards are a popular gift for just about anyone
8. Make a Valentine's Day Note Pad and a decorative pen (check my pinterest page for details)for Teachers
take some construction paper fold in half and draw a shape such as a heart, then cut it out leaving space to attach additional pages, then using printer paper cut in the same way as the heart (fold in half and cut the heart) and then put the pages next to each other inside the construction paper heart and staple the note pad.
9. Make a Puzzle; you can print out your favorite photos of your friend or your child's friend and decorate it, laminate it, cut out puzzle pieces, then put it in a zip lock bag with a card and give it to them as a gift.

For more ideas Check out my pinterest page under Valentines Day
Understanding the history of Valentine's Day makes this holiday special because there is meaning behind it.

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