Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


I recently found this video on it's a great video to use to teach young children about Martin Luther King Jr.

Young children are very impressionable and in most cases don't understand that no matter if we have different skin color or if we have a handicap that we are still the same. I think that this video will make them understand that even though on the outside we are different, we are all the same on the inside. I have seen children make fun of other children or just others in general because they are different in the way they look. We live in a day in age where bullying takes place at our children's schools. Marten Luther King Jr. had a dream that we could all be friends and kind to one another. Some important words do discuss with your children is Peace, Love and Hope. This is a great opportunity to teach young children to treat each other fairly. Another thing you could do with your children (I got this idea from is write an a cloud What they wish could be done to help everyone be friends? I thought this was a great way to have young children, or even the older children to think about their friends or maybe someone they know that is being picked on by other kids. Bullying is a problem and any opportunity to teach children about equality, love and peace as well as hope makes for a better future for anyone that has been bullied or teased at school.

This picture is an example from
Check out
for a free printable the I have a dream class book. I thought this was cute as well and really gets to the point.

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