Sunday, March 2, 2014

My New Job as a PRE-K Teacher- Entry 1

I just started working last week as a Pre-k teacher and so far it's been interesting. It's been my dream to finally work with a class full of children, yah not the kind that run around screaming (although, there is a bit of that going on too). I have been looking forward to this opportunity for ages and I am so excited and figured everything I will be doing there could be a potential new post on my blog. Since starting at my new job, I sadly caught a cold that was going around and it sucked because I ended up losing my voice, and was forced to take two days off to rest, the first day was Tuesday and the second sick day was Friday. Since I took Friday to rest through the weekend, I do feel a little better and I did find my voice again which is great. My advice for anyone starting out brand new in a classroom full of children is prepare your immune system, get lots of rest, take lots of vitamin C and drink lots of fluids and if you do get sick at the first sign of sickness take your medication. Besides getting sick the first week I loved working in the Pre-K room. I guess it's just the excitement I feel of being an actual teacher in a class full of kids, so I am hopeful that this week will be so much better because I will be able to communicate better with my voice (since I had no voice last week). I am working with another teacher, which is great because it's nice to be able to bounce off ideas together, and he is so open and kind to my suggestions or ideas. So with this new post of mine, I have decided that I will be doing a journal entry every week about my experience in this classroom. I hope to inspire others who have always wanted to work with young children as a teacher. You have to understand too that this is also new to me, so every experience I face I hope to do it with an open mind and a positive attitude even though some times it's hard to be positive 24/7. Some of the things I hope to accomplish this week would be:

1. Find a new way to help the kids practice writing their names
2. Find a new way to help the kids practice their letter writing
3. Find a new way to help the kids practice number writing
4. Instill some classroom and rug rules for them to follow
5. Instill some discipline in the classroom if rules are not followed

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