Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pre K Teacher-Entry 2

Well I finished my second week already and I can't believe it. I am just so happy and excited to be doing what I have always wanted and dreamed of doing, this is my passion. Yah I know some times being a teacher with a class full of kids who choose not to listen can be annoying, hectic at times and I 100% agree but I also know that kids will test you, scare them once and they will start to turn around. A lot of the things I do in terms of adjusting behavior with kids is because I learned it from my mom. I find that I often channel my mom and tweak it accordingly when I am in class. All my lessons are from my mom, from watching what she did with me and yes some times watching other parents deal with their children when it came to addressing a behavior that we don't like. I have learned each parent is different, some parents maybe tougher on their kids and some may not be as tough. I can't say anything bad about how to parent a child, because I have no kids of my own. One thing is for sure though, in my classroom my kids need to follow my rules and I do hope it is something that they take home with them so their parents see a difference, wishful thinking I suppose. My experiences are also from when I was a nanny, it was only two kids but it was all trial and error. Kids no matter the age will test their limits and the older they get the more limits and more challenging it seems. In my classroom I have to consider all my kids, how their family life is away from school because there is always a stem that starts some where and rolls over to the classroom. I never want to label any child as a trouble maker, I hate it and it makes me feel sad because I know they are more then capable at being a wonderful child (lets be realistic of course there will be moments of bad behavior but it will be to a minimum). So this past week my co-teacher and I worked on classroom rules, and to be honest it's trial and error. We agreed on some rules and have started working with the kids on correcting their behavior in class. It may not seem like it's not a big deal but in our classroom we want to have our kids to be excited for school and engaged in all the activities we do with them. We also created a reward system which is working out well with the kids right now because they really want a sticker at the end of the day. My co-teacher also included a chart which I secretly wished I had thought of, but it's a team work effort. He made a chart of all the behaviors that he notices during the day that we both want to stop. An example is running, not listening, using indoor voices ect. these behaviors some times may happen in the morning and then stop by the afternoon, and then start up again. I had a child come up to me and ask "Was I good today?" because he really wanted a sticker so this was a great opportunity to go back to our chart and see what things he did through out the day that would determine if his behavior would allow him a sticker. What we hope to accomplish with these charts is to change the behavior and have a party every month hopefully. I can't wait to put up some pictures of my classroom and of course I will put up pictures of our charts so stay tuned for that. I will also be working on some things for our classroom so have more activities to do during the day.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
Stay tuned for more activities coming your way soon.
Miss K

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