Monday, March 17, 2014

Pre-K Teacher- Entry 3

My third week went well, and I am loving my job. I know eventually I will get worn out from the kids,perhaps all the kids in the center... I don't think so. I enjoy doing what I am doing and the more I get to do what I love, I kind of love it even more. It makes me feel proud to say I am a pre-k teacher and I have a class. This morning I was greeted with hugs from a few kids, I love that feeling of knowing the kids actually missed me. I always miss them, I seriously had a day off last week and was sad that I didn't get to see them. I have collected activities books and magazines over the past few years, that all revolve around education, I even made a ton of my own games, not to mention the binders upon binders of themes and units I worked on while I was at school. I have to admit that the past weeks have been spent mostly on behavior in the classroom. It's been challenging with a few students that's for sure, but I am determined that we (my co-teacher and I) will fix the behavior problem eventually. Right now it's all about getting used to all the kids, because I haven't been working with them for that long. This morning I couldn't stop myself from laughing on the inside of course at the random thoughts they come up with, most of which don't make any sense, it's just funny. I can't wait to take pictures and share it on my blog. It's absolutely not the same as when you watch one or two kids, this is completely different, this is after all about 10-16 kids all at once. Our reward chart has been working effectively because they all want that sticker at the end of the day.

These are some of the things we will be doing this week
Our New Unit for the next two weeks is Imagination and everything that goes along with it.

Alphabet Tree will go along with Letter recognition

This sequencing page will be completed after we read the story of Little Red Riding Hood

Coconut/palm tree- I will be using along with the book called Chicka Chicka abc

This will also go along with our New Unit

I like to purchase my charts from dollar tree because I can often find really nice ones that I can use in my class such as this one, I plan on using it for a job chart

I have a few more projects I want to work on before I post anymore pictures, I can't wait for tomorrow.
I hope every has a great night

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