Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pre K Teacher-Entry 4

My third week is finally over, although I haven't been working with my class I do hear and some times peek over to see  the things they are working on. I truly miss my class, I was switched to a class next door with the kids who are between 3-4 years old and they are a handful. Most don't listen and it can be frustrating at times when a few of them have major meltdowns because they don't get their way. With that said I introduced the "Give me five" rug rules to them as well. I saw how my class was adjusting to these rules since I introduced it to them a few weeks ago along with our star chart. I was so happy that they were all improving with their behavior and have been getting stars, they also had the end of the month party as promised all thanks to my co-teacher. Its exciting to see little changes make a huge difference. I was also hoping to start that with the class I've been working with this past week, its been a struggle because there are 20 kids and maybe 3 or 4 of them the rest have a hard time. These are also the kids that will be moving into my class in August... Its always a work in progress. This past week I found myself yelling a lot, which I truly try so hard to avoid. I realize that I need to figure out how to handle these kids before they enter my class. I love my job and no matter what happens I refuse to give up because it's stressful. I believe that as I continue my job I will learn and grow as a teacher keeping things that have worked for my class. I hope you are enjoying these entries, I plan on having more recording my first year as a prek Teacher.

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