Monday, May 26, 2014

Pre-K Teacher -Entry 6-10

Well these past few weeks have been a challenge at work. I'm now the preschool teacher for the three year old room. I have 20 students in my classroom ofcourse also an assistant teacher and boy it is really challenging to say the least. We are down to the last unit now before summer starts. Some times I feel like I'm just running around, trying to get things in order.
I feel its been a struggle because I keep moving from one class to the next and the kids just haven't gotten used to me yet.
Even though there are challenging moments, I still love my job especially the support I have from my fellow teachers, and it means a lot too being new to this.
Last week was dreadful but its starting to look up and I'm starting to feel more accomplished now too.
I feel like I have more of a handle on my class, lol ofcourse bribing always helps.
I enjoy my students better when I'm having fun playing with them and doing things like drawing with them. Lately its the boys that are acting up in class. One in particular that starts everything and the rest just follow. A baby when his mommy is around, such a faker lol.... But  when she leaves its a full 360. Most kids are like that, sad really and nerve racking. I hope this helps anyone who can relate or is curious about a classroom full of kids. Its my release, clearing my thoughts for the day/week and coming back with a plan.
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