Monday, March 30, 2015

Toddler Teacher - Entry 1

Here we go again a new class and a new beginning. Although I have to say I love this class because the kids are so funny without realizing it. They are silly and weird at the same time. I love and adore each one of them. The best feeling in the world (at work ) is when they greet me in the morning, every morning. My heart melts when I see them smile and laugh, all I want to do is give them hugs and kisses. I have never realized until recently how much I love kids and I'm ready for my own. I don't have kids yet but my hope is this year we will be pregnant.

Being a teacher now in the toddler room has been very rewarding because at the same time I'm learning so much about them. I am also learning  how to make sure I am loving and consistent with what behaviors I accept and what I will not accept. On top of all of that I hug and kiss them at the end of the day when it's been a long day and I love it, because they make me happy.

I've always loved kids, I think it's their innocents and freedom of just being a kid that makes me happy. I can't explain it.

There have been days where they are very naughty but I've come to realize that they are funny, smart and little mischievous one and a half year  olds. It's hard to get mad mad or be upset with them for long, because at the end they are just so cute.

I've been in this class for a couple months now and I've been enjoying watching them go from barely talking to start talking and I'm actually understanding what they are saying. When I sit down at their level I'm tackled with my kids and I call them my babies. It's beautiful to have an impact on these kid's lives and to just be able to teach them and watch them grow and transition in to new milestone in their little lives. Can you tell I have the baby itch? Well I'm currently working on a few things right now and haven't really had the time to post new activities just yet. I hope you have a great day.
I just got two new teachers in my class, it's both exciting and scary because I hope we're able to get along and work well together as a team.
I'm officially starting to slowly potty train the kids it's definitely a learning experience but it's do able.

Happy and Blessed to have a job I love and enjoy!

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